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    Testing out # runit is interesting. https://voidlinux.org/usage/runit/
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    @johnnynull Hi! :) Felt like crap, changed some habits, took a break from most computer-related hobbies for a bit. Feeling better/good lately. Was actually thinking about the fediverse recently, but don't have much to post about. (though that's not very different from before, I suppose. Hah.)
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    @infernalturtle is this still the case? --> http://sn.chromic.org/notice/996603
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    I think it should work, according to the screenshots. But I didn't tested it in detail until now. You can check the bug tracker and open a new issue if there is no open report: github.com/nextcloud/social

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    @bjoern is @-mentioning people supposed to be working, or not yet?
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    @morph enjoy the sunny weather! :)