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    @postblue I was able to reproduce the memory issue. In the meantime, you can restart the import where it failed by grabbing the last notice ID it printed with: php ./import-notices.php --since=$noticeID
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    @postblue speaking of which, I'm trying to reproduce the Qvitter+RedisCache behaviour you mentioned. Do you remember which timeline(s) were affected?
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    @postblue RedisCache should be compatible with InProcessCache, yes. BUT I think both InProcessCache and Memcache(d) are susceptible to the "frozen user timeline" bug. RedisCache by itself should behave properly (I'm still looking at the Qvitter aspect though).
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    The Weekly Review

    12: Half A Gold Star

    Following on the conversation from last episode, Jean and James each find themselves mid-way through their weekly review. The discussion of what a weekly review should consist of continues. Jean finds it to be more comprehensive than she has been doing. James finds that very full inboxes can take up almost all of the time alloted for a review.

    Listeners: We encourage you to do your weekly review, if you haven’t already. And after you finish your weekly review or if you reach a goal like hitting Inbox Zero, we’d love to hear from you on Micro.blog ([@TheWeeklyReview]) or Twitter (@WeeklyReviewFM).

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    Ubuntu Podcast

    S11E18 – Eighteen Summers - Ubuntu Podcast

    This week we've been using GameMaker 1.4 on Windows to patch Spelunky for Linux. We interview some of the Ubuntu Communitheme team, round up the community news and go over your feedback. It's Season 11 Episode 18 of the Ubuntu… [Read more ›](http://ubuntupodcast.org/2018/07/12/s11e18-eighteen- summers/)

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    The Handmaid's Tale

    Episode title: The Word

    Season: 2

    Episode: 13

    Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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    Ant-Man and the Wasp

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