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Documenting my vim setup and plugins I'm using. It's pretty underwhelming, but I'm jotting this down here so I can keep track of how it evolves over time.

Note: Up-to-date configurations can be found at the following locations:


Keep it simple:

set background=dark " tell vim/plugins our background is dark
set expandtab       " convert tabs into spaces
set cc=80           " hightlight the 80th column (the default textwidth)
set number          " show line numbers
set shiftwidth=4    " four spaces per indentation level
set smartindent     " have vim figure out when to indent
set tabstop=4       " four spaces per 'tab' press
set updatetime=100  " Lessen delay so git-gutter appears more seamless
                    " Note: also controls the delay before vim writes its swap
                    " file

syntax enable       " pretty colours (syntax highlighting)


None (so far). My terminal uses solarized dark and vim just goes with it:

Plugin Loader

None (so far). I use vim’s native “package” feature. We’ll see if I feel the need for something else later.


"committia.vim splits the [git-commit] buffer into 3 windows; edit window, status window and diff window."
Here is an example for this post's commit (meta!):
"A Vim plugin which shows a git diff in the sign column. It shows which lines have been added, modified, or removed. "