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    My luv, was just making a quantum leap in encryption technology
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    Stay weird, @question. Don't ever change <3
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    @question Hi. It's been a while since we talked. How have you been?
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    Having a hell of a time trying to activate Windows 10 after a Win8 "upgrade". _So_ glad I don't need to deal with this BS outside of work…
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    Awww yisss. I've got a local instance of # running for my region :3
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    Neat: "The Router Exploitation Framework"
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    chimo checked-in at Canadian Firefighters Memorial Lett StreetOttawaCanada(45.41740890, -75.71286560)
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    LXC is cool 🕶
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    Urgh. Spent way too long troubleshooting failing creation of a bridge network interface just to realize I hadn't rebooted afer a kernel upgrade. #