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    Do the same thing on Firefox with uMatrix.
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    One thing I really like about # is the ability to whitelist domains/subdomains/paths allowed to run javascript and have it disabled for everything else.
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    @josealberto4444 also, when merging unrelated histories patches don't work. Say you develop a kernel module as a standalone project, to be compiled against the latest kernel headers and installed separately from the kernel. But one day you decide to usptream it - so you send a request-pull and Linus fetches your branch and uses git merge --allow-unrelated-histories and there it is. Not possible with patches

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    @postblue Sorry, yes. I meant the fix_stats script, not checkschema… I pushed another commit to support the local path too. Thanks for your patience.
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    Security Now (MP3)

    SN 698: Which Mobile VPN Client?

    Security Now

    • Which is the right VPN client for Android, and which should you avoid at all costs?
    • A very worrisome WiFi bug affecting billions of devices
    • Hack a Tesla Model 3 at Pwn2Own
    • Russia's ongoing, failing and flailing efforts to control the Internet
    • The return of the Anubis Android banking malware
    • Google's changing policy for phone and SMS App access
    • Tim Cook's note in TIME Magazine
    • News of a nice Facebook Ad auditing page
    • Another Cisco default password nightmare in widely used lower-end devices

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    Hosts: Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

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    Can i offer you a nice !coffee in this trying time? ☕️
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    Linux Privilege Escalation via LXD & Hijacked UNIX Socket Credentials !Linux
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    @gllmhyt I pushed a commit a couple of days ago to address the issue you raised with gs-nodeinfo. Let me know if it fixes it!
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    • 987ae6fe42 Version bump v0.1.0 -> v0.1.1
    • c9787f8c46 Remove 'default' => 'CURRENT_TIMESTAMP' It still gets added at the DB-level somehow (by some blackmagic '###START_AUTOCODE' fuckery would be my guess), but we can't have it in PHP code othewise DB_DataObject barfs... It's great. Ref. #4
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