Hi! I'm Chimo. This is my IndieWeb. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
Make yourself comfortable, have a look around and let's talk!


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    The Handmaid's Tale

    Episode title: First Blood

    Season: 2

    Episode: 6

    Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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    @nick Installed ffmpeg and tried it just now. It worked!
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    Episode title: Akane No Mai

    Season: 2

    Episode: 5

    Genre: Western, Sci-Fi

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    chimo checked-in at Mucho Burrito Greenbank Road Ottawa Canada (45.26898755, -75.74607394)
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    Into the Badlands

    Episode title: Carry Tiger to Mountain

    Season: 3

    Episode: 5

    Genre: Action & Adventure

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    Fear the Walking Dead

    Episode title: Just in Case

    Season: 4

    Episode: 6

    Genre: Drama, Horror

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    An update on our little friends http://sn.chromic.org/attachment/364171