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    The Walking Dead

    Episode title: Mercy

    Season: 8

    Episode: 1

    Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama

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    mfw I find a somewhat obsure F(L)OSS utility so I don't have to attempt to code it myself. # # http://sn.chromic.org/attachment/339945
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    Primary disk on the desktop was getting full. Moved /var to the secondary disk. Should be good for a while now.
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    Playing with the 'Authentication-Results headers checker' roundcube plugin http://sn.chromic.org/attachment/339943
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    Genre: Horror

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    Mr. Robot

    Episode title: eps3.1_undo.gz

    Season: 3

    Episode: 2

    Genre: Crime, Drama

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    Interesting: Stealing sensitive browser data with the W3C Ambient Light Sensor API
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    !TIL pam_tally https://www.unix.com/man-page/Linux/8/PAM_TALLY2/ "User root (0) has 65534" Hmm. 🤔