Hi! I'm Chimo. This is my IndieWeb. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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    # is the best thing (person, persona, whatever) that's happened to the internet.
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    @roland hmm, I should get my wife on # # # #
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    @nds the only way to keep one's sanity! :)
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    @mmn We did something similar a couple of months ago here. Got a few foam "Lego"-type bricks out of it… /shrug
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    Back from vacation, and back to work. Bleh.
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    Hmm… good to know: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aka_Manto #
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    My work-in-progress "hacker survival kit": https://media.chromic.org/u/chimo/m/hacker-survival-kit/
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    Hacker Survival Kit

    I recently got a "messenger bag" and I've been building a "Hacker Survival Kit" that I carry with me daily.

    It currently contains:

    • Earbuds
    • Ethernet cable
    • Micro-usb to usb cable
    • Netbook (running Arch Linux)
    • A live-usb running Kali Linux
    • A notebook
    • An ebook reader
    • A spare phone (Samsung Galaxy S running CM 11 Nightly). I wanted to run NetHunter on it but it's not ported to that device.
    • An sdcard
    • A battery (with usb and micro-usb ports)
    • A pen

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    I had my # instance offline for a couple of days. It was terrible. Now it's back up and I have my ad-free web again.