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    @johnnynull what is this "tweet" thing you're talking about? :)
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    I'm trying to write a blog post. Words are hard, let's go shopping^W gaming. :\
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    Don't ask me what I was searching for, and I won't ask these people what they were searching for either. http://sn.chromic.org/attachment/298647
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    @nybill This is good news; they're using lame, outdated technology. Hack it, and give yourself 100 billion dollars. Then use some of that money to fix it, maybe. http://sn.chromic.org/attachment/298646
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    @deadsuperhero I have nothing helpful to say, but wish you good luck in your searches. :) Are you relocating for work reasons?
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    @vinzv I have no idea what the text says, but good god the gif instantly made my mind time-travel ~10yrs back. It was awesomely weird.
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    Whoops, just saw @vinzv posted it already :)
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    I ran these three things I got from that now unavailable pastebin:

    update ostatus_source set `profile_uri` = replace(profile_uri, 'http://', 'https://') where profile_uri like 'http://status.rudism.com/%';

    update ostatus_profile set `salmonuri` = replace(salmonuri, 'http://', 'https://') where salmonuri like 'http://status.rudism.com/%';

    update ostatus_profile set `feeduri` = replace(feeduri, 'http://', 'https://') where feeduri like 'http://status.rudism.com/%';

    @vinzv @mmn @lnxw48 @rudism
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    @chimo I found it myself! The ostatus_profile entry needed manual change from http to https and it worked! @rudism 
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    @vinzv Yes! That's where I got mine from. Managed to salvage them from my MariaDB history