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I've transferred the domain from Dreamhost to Hover. Mostly because of UI/UX reasons.

Back in 2009, when I was looking to get a domain, I chose DreamHost for Shared Hosting. They’re also a registrar, so that’s who I registered the domain with.

A couple of years later, I moved the hosting part to Linode and kept DreamHost as the registrar. Linode doesn’t do domain registrations, and I never had any problems with my domain over at DreamHost so I wasn’t really looking for alternative registrars.

Recently, I started looking into the possibility of implementing DNSSEC, and while DreamHost supports it (as long as you don’t use their nameservers), I couldn’t find the options (DNS glue, DNSSEC fields) myself in the account settings. While hunting around for those, I realized that the vast majority of everything I was seeing on the screen were menus/options completely useless to me since I’m not hosting anything with them.

Then, I came across an article that suggests I need to create a support ticket to have support complete the configuration. Blech. What is this? 1997? I never had to deal with DreamHost support much, and the couple of times I contacted them they were quick to respond and helpful, but I’d very much rather have the option to do this on my own.

I did a couple of searches to see what my options were and decided to move to Hover. They don’t do hosting, their UI focuses on domain-related features, and the glue/DNSSEC settings aren’t hidden away multiple levels deep or completely missing.

More importantly, I can set those up myself. Win!

The transfer itself went without a hitch. No suprises, no downtime, and ultimately transparent. So kudos to both DreamHost and Hover for making that happen painlessly.