Migrating from LXD to Incus on Alpine Linux

By chimo on (updated on )

Another day, another migration.


# Install the incus server, incus client, and the lxd-to-incus tools
doas apk add incus incus-client incus-conversion

# Add myself to the incus admin group
doas adduser chimo incus

# Logout of all sessions, log back in, ensure we're in the "incus" group

# Start, and enable the incuds service at boot
doas service incusd start
doas rc-update add incusd

# Check that incus is responding
incus info

# Check that lxd is responding
lxc info

# Start the migration, answer "yes" at the prompt
doas lxd-to-incus

# Don't need to keep the conversion tool around
doas apk del incus-conversion

# Done!