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Hello, friend.

Long time no see.

I’m not good with introductions so let’s just dive into it.

shutdown -r

Things I've done since Apr. 27 2020:

  • Shut everything down except critical services.
    The resources I kept running are:
    • mail (postfix et al.) and webmail (mail.chromic.org)
      Last line of communication with the world. Mostly to get reminders about domain expiry, etc.
    • code.chromic.org
      On the off-chance my crappy code is of interest to anyone.
    • files.chromic.org
      For file storage.
  • Except for work, stopped doing much of anything computer-related. No development and no sysadmin stuff except `pacman -Syu`.
  • Stopped initiating contact with people.
  • Turned off most phone notifications.

It took a while, but eventually things got really quiet. Things got simpler, and I felt like I could focus.

So why am I here writing this? Well it turns out people suck, even in small amount, so I’m back to dealing with computers instead.

But this time I’m planning on tackling things slower, not get invested in anything too much and stepping away if I feel like I need to.

The only thing I’m bringing back from the things I’ve left behind is sysadmin-stuff for now. Notifications are staying off. Development to a minimum.

So if you’re browsing around, you’ll probably run into a bunch of broken things and broken links. They’ll probably stay that way a while, and I’m not getting anxious about it. They’ll work again whenever I get to it.

Most of the things listed on Project Autonomous are probably dead. Some will come back, some will get removed. At some point. Probably.


Things I’ve done lately (the last couple of weeks, I think)

  • Mail revamp
    I had started using LXD a while ago. One of the things I still needed to migrate was the mail infrastructure.
    I went from: postfix + courier-imap + cyrus-sasl + authdaemond + spamassassin + opendkim + opendmarc, all running on the host
    To: postfix + dovecot + dovecot-sasl + spamassassin + opendkim + opendmarc, each in their own container.
  • CICD revamp
    From: drone.io running on docker on the host
    To: woodpecker CI running on docker in a LXC container
    This one was pretty simple, except for the fact that I needed to have my VPS containers talk to woodpecker on my home LXD cluster over IPSec...
  • Logging revamp
    Setup `syslog` in each container to mirror logs to a central rsyslog container. Configure the central rsyslog container to send logs to ZincSearch.
  • Uptime monitor
    Setup a Uptime Kuma container for uptime monitoring. I still need to setup additonal instances for off-site monitoring,
  • End-to-end encryption
    From: TLS termination at the reverse-proxy level
    To: TLS termination at the application-level/app-container level

I’ll probably end up writing separate blog posts about each of those topics, for my own note-taking if for nothing else.