Project Autonomous

Photo Credit: Hash Milhan

Project Autonomous

In an effort to take control of my online presence/data and to become more autonomous, I started to migrate away from services hosted by 3rd-parties and setup my own instances where possible.

Here’s a quick list of what’s working at the moment:
An instance (an IndieAuth provider).
It's also an OpenID delegate.
Surrogator: a Libravatar compatible avatar image server.
Gravatar replacement
My GNU social instance and Gogs instance use this.
A Jekyll-powered static site/blog
Publishing platform similar to Blogger.
A Drone instance: continuous delivery platform.
It's hooked-up to my Gitea instance.
Gitea instance: self-hosted Git.
I'm using it for git repository, bug tracking and so on.
Isso instance: a commenting server similar to Disqus
I use it on (Mediagoblin) and (Jekyll)
A woodwind instance.
A feed reader that supports mf2 h-feed and xml feeds.
An Nextcloud instance.
I use it as a Dropbox alternative, Google Calendar alternative, Contact Manager and Tasks synchronization for now, but it does more than that.
On Android, I use DAVdroid to sync calendar & contacts, and OpenTasks to sync tasks.
A GNU fm instance. alternative.
A Lounge (web-based IRC client) instance.
I use it to connect to my ZNC bouncer.
A wallabag instance.
Save webpages so you can read them later.
A pocket / read-it-later / instapaper alternative.
Mail server powered by postfix, courier, maildrop, SpamAssassin, OpenDKIM, OpenDMARC, and roundcube + its enigma plugin for PGP support. I use K-9 Mail on Android.
A Gmail replacement.
A Mediagoblin instance.
Media sharing platform similar to Flickr, Picasa, etc.
A (mygpo) instance.
Manage and synchronize podcast subscriptions and listening progress.
A Switchboard instance (a PuSH hub)
I use it to update my homepage in realtime (see the "Lifestream Architecture" post for more details on how it works).
A searx instance.
A privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine.
A GNU social instance.
Social media platform similar to Twitter.
A "Flox" instance.
A personal replacement
A "" instance.
I use it to handle webmentions on this blog.
A XRay instance.
Parses and returns structured data from any URL. (above) needs this.