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SN 692: GPU RAM Image Leakage

Security Now

  • Another Lenovo SuperFish-style local security certificate screw up
  • The Marriott breach and several other new, large and high-profile secure breach incidents
  • The inevitable evolution of exploitation of publicly exposed UPnP router services
  • The emergence of "Printer Spam"
  • How well does ransomware pay? We have an idea now.
  • The story of two iOS scam apps
  • Progress on the DNS over HTTPS front
  • Rumors that Microsoft is abandoning their EdgeHTML engine in favor of Chromium We also have a bit of
  • A Cyber Security related Humble Book Bundle just in time for Christmas
  • Some new research that reveals that it's possible to recover pieces of web browser page images that have been previously viewed.

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Hosts: Steve Gibson and Jason Howell

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